Don’t take my word for it, read the reviews…

Marty’s Creativity has no off switch. You will not find a more passionate person about design or about life. He makes the people he is around strive to be better.

Matt Stewart

Art Director, Disney's Yellow Shoes Creative

Might as well call him the wonderful wizard of design. It is amazing to watch him work. Everything he does is truly magic. He designed my debut album artwork and I couldn’t be happier. It’s absolutely beautiful and I never get tired of admiring it. He has also whipped up show posters in less time than it takes for me to write a Facebook status. You will not be disappointed with his work. Professional and artful.

Karyna Micaela

Musician, Karyna Micaela

First off, Marty is just a great guy, creative and innovative. Marty can take a design concept and run with it or he has the ability to listen to you and come up with options based on your thoughts. Brilliant work. Marty will make sure the client is satisfied.

David Cherry

Director of Business Development, Clark Pro Media

Marty really branded our nonprofit organization and we were and are still absolutely in love with our logo and branding!

Haleigh Haggerton Almquist

Owner, Newborn Care Training Academy

Marty is one of the most gifted and talented individuals I know. The passion he displays for his work is clearly visible with every project he takes on. Marty’s attitude is top-notch and his drive for results is un-matched. Design is an art and science which Marty has a strong comprehension of. I gladly endorse Marty to anyone who needs quality design leadership.

Mike Gomez

End User Computing Specialist, VMware

Marty is a great guy – definitely one of the most personable people I know! He pays close attention to detail and his creativity is incredible. His designs are unique and cutting edge, but not over the edge. I would highly recommend Marty’s work, but more than that, working with Marty will bring an organization value because of the relationships he brings with the product development.

Marri Jayne Nielson

Sr Manager, Inside Sales, Websense